October 26, 2021

WARNING Fake IRS Form W-8BEN doing the rounds here in Cayman

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Colin Wilson The attached letter and form was sent to me by a concerned reader asking me my opinion if I thought it was a fake. Immediately I said it was as NO GOVERNMENT WILL ASK YOU TO FAX IT TO A PHONE NUMBER. Upon further investigation I found this from the USA Official IRS […]

Overseas Tax Havens toppled by IRS

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By Eric L. Reiner From Private Wealth Some of the world’s most notorious secret account havens have agreed to give information about U.S. taxpayers to the Internal Revenue Service. In a 24-day span ending December 19, eight jurisdictions — the Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Bermuda, Malta and the Netherlands […]

Do you trust your [USA] government?

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By Robert L. Nicewarner – Inwood: , journal-news.net From The Journal Let’s look at this year for example (2013). Obama’s IRS persecuted honest people for crime of being critics of Obama, (especially if you were affiliated with the Tea Party), yet nominated tax cheats to major positions in his administration. Obama criticized Mitt Romney for […]