July 3, 2022

IRD says Eric Watson’s companies owe $112m

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By Matt Nippert, NZ Herald Inland Revenue have described a complex series of transactions Eric Watson undertook through the Cayman Islands as “circular”, and say the flamboyant expatriate’s holding company should pay $112m in back-taxes and interest. The High Court at Auckland today heard the opening exchanges of a long-brewing dispute between the Commissioner of […]

Inside Life: “Jamaica to UK, the Reggae Revolution”

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BY VINETTE K. PRYCE From Caribbean Life “Jamaica to UK, the Reggae Revolution” themes IRD’s 2018 Celebration of 50 Years of Reggae & Synergy With England. A mention of the word reggae and folks may conjure images of red, gold and green, Rastafarians, Jamaica, music, dance and maybe even scents from puffs of aromatic weed […]