December 7, 2023

The Editor Speaks: How much for a new courthouse?

At the Finance Committee this week we learnt that the government has spent over $1M on reports exploring the “where, what and when?” on a new courthouse. It has taken ten years to come to no conclusion whatsoever, except we can’t afford $177M. Now they want to spend $400,000 on another report! And while we […]

HUGE iceberg breaks away from Antarctica

From BBC Not long ago, Newsround reported how an enormous crack had appeared in the ice in Antarctica, near to an important scientific research station. The crack forced the research station, which was based at the Brunt Ice Shelf, to move to a new location. Now, the block of ice has broken away from the […]

The Editor Speaks: Robbie makes some interesting points even if I don’t entirely agree

A letter from a reader named as “Robbie” appeared on the CNS website last Sunday (5) under the heading “EY report not a fix-all”. I agree with him. Robbie begins: “The Ernst & Young report (on the rationalisation of the civil service) has good and bad points and, despite whether or not I like Ezzard […]

The Editor Speaks: How about this for the police winning over the public for co-operation?

In a report on CITN/Cayman 27 last Wednesday (24) the television station’s news announced and showed officers from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) out on the road in George Town looking “to snare motorists”. This morning iNews Cayman received a press release from the RCIPS confirming they had carried out “traffic checks along […]