April 13, 2021

US: A win for child sex trafficking survivors

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From Freedom United Survivors of child sex trafficking are now better protected, thanks in part to your efforts. New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu has now signed House Bill 189 into law, which exempts child victims from facing criminal penalties for non-violent offenses committed as a result of human trafficking. SHARE THE GOOD NEWS! Post on […]

North Carolina Anti-LGBT Law is ‘Slap in the face,’ says professor who filed suit

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By Karen Sloan, From The National Law Journal A new North Carolina law that rolls back protections for gay and transgender people has created an uproar, with elected officials and corporate leaders from across the country calling for its repeal. Governors from three states have banned most official travel to North Carolina in response to […]

Whose gold spoon is feeding nonsense to The Denver Post?

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By Jason Salzman From Huffington Post The Denver Post is an outfit that likes to think of itself as standing up for everyday people, who rightfully worry about the ways the rich take advantage of tax loopholes to get richer, while most people are left treading water and wishing politicians would stand up for them. […]