August 3, 2021

Is sitting still bad? (A 2021 review of the research) – Updated

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From Office Chair Picks “Sitting is the new smoking,” tweeted Stuart Millinship on August 27, 2010. This tweet was a response to a post “reporting that even if you get plenty of physical exercise, sitting down all day reduces your lifespan.” At first glance, Millinship’s tweet may sound like hyperbole, but it is based on […]

Hidden dangers of household disinfectants include weight gain

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By Lynn Allison From Newsmax Household disinfectants have become almost indispensable, especially in homes with children. But a blockbuster new study shows that eliminating germs may have a boomerang effect that actually makes us less healthy and fat. Researchers from Canada recently conducted a study to see if there was a connection between the use […]