July 5, 2022

“What do women like, a female or male OB/GYN?”

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A new trend has developed regarding female patient preferences by the time they have to select the gender of their ObGyn. This trend indicates that women between the ages of 18-28, pre childbirth, are gravitating more towards a female ObGyn. Studies have also shown this new age progression is due to a mutual understanding of […]

March: Endometriosis Awareness Month

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“Endometriosis: Cramps You Shouldn’t Ignore” During menses minor cramping is normal, and even expected. Cramps are caused by the fact that each month, during a woman’s reproductive lifespan, tissue lining the uterus (endometrium) breaks down, is discarded and exits the body resulting in menstruation. Menstruation naturally causes the release of inflammatory hormones (prostaglandins), which are […]