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Apple CEO Tim Cook to Congress: It’s time to stand up for the right to privacy

By Matt Binder From Mashable Apple CEO Tim Cook is on a crusade to make tech companies care more about their users’ privacy. In an op-ed for Time Magazine, Cook once again called for a sweeping change within the tech industry…

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Not every crowdfunding campaign is a scam, but the FTC sure thinks this one is

By Andy Meek From BGR There are almost 3,800 comments at the time of this writing on the Indiegogo campaign page for the iBackPack. That’s the page in support of a fundraising effort to manufacture a TSA-friendly backpack tricked out…

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NutriMost ‘Ultimate Fat Loss’ system slammed with $32 million judgment for overblown weight loss claims

By Chris Morran The marketing for the NutriMost Ultimate Fat Loss system claimed that users could drop 40 pounds, or more, in just 40 days, and without having to fret about calories. However, the Federal Trade Commission says that this…

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The potential pitfalls of professional social media sites

By Jenny S. Kim, From Corporate Counsel Have you noticed? Social media is everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram—the list goes on and on. People who use them seem willing to share anything and everything about themselves, with illustrations. As the…