October 2, 2022

Feds give up trying to hold Bank Of America accountable for Countrywide’s “Hustle” mortgage scam

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By Chris Morran From Consumerist A nasty four-year legal battle between the Justice Department and Bank of America over a massive mortgage-related scam run by Countrywide Financial has come to a whimpering conclusion, with the DOJ opting to not appeal its most recent defeat in the case. Let’s take a quick spin back a decade […]

DOJ finally confirms record-setting $16.65b settlement with Bank Of America

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By Chris Morran From Consumerist More than two weeks after it was first reported that the Justice Dept. and Bank of America were coming to terms on a record-setting deal worth nearly $17 billion, the two parties have finally confirmed the details of a settlement that will resolve multiple federal and state claims involving the […]