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Coral Encounters: Photographs from Our Underwater World Opens at the Cayman Islands’ National Gallery

The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands is proud to support the International Year of the Coral Reef initiative by hosting the work of 30 local and international underwater photographers. Coral Encounters: Photographs from Our Underwater World is a unique…

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Hope on the horizon: Cayman Islands

By: Laura Butz From Mission Blue Sylvia Earle Alliance Recently, the George Town Harbor in the Cayman Islands was named a Mission Blue Hope Spot- one of fourteen newly designated Hope Spots. This is incredible news for environmentalists both locally…

Cayman SharKYfest

The SharKYfest at Dive Tech, Lighthouse Point in West Bay was a huge success. The event was organised by the Department of Environment (DoE) and Marine Conservation International (MCI) to raise awareness for Cayman’s sharks, to promote shark conservation and…

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Fearless teenager poses for a selfie with a SHARK on frightening family day out

By Ian Hughes From Daily Mirror UK Michael Maes, Ellen Cuylaerts and their children Margaux and Max had no qualms about venturing into such formidable territory – the waters around the Bahamas. Sixteen-year-old Margaux Cuylaerts poses for a ‘selfie’ with…