September 27, 2022

On 17th April: Columbus & the Caribbean

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INDIGENOUS RIGHTS, ROBERTO MÚKARO BORRERO From World Policy On April 17, 1492, Christopher Columbus reached an agreement with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain on the terms of his voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. The Spanish monarchs would fund the journey, and in return they were promised the majority of Columbus’ future discoveries for Spain. Columbus was granted […]

Evidence in Caribbean shows natives and European colonialists discussed religion

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BY ALISON LESLEY From World Religion News COLONIAL-ERA SPIRITUAL CHRISTOGRAMS AND LATIN INSCRIPTIONS FOUND IN A REMOTE ISLAND CAVE INDICATES RELIGIOUS DIALOGUE BETWEEN EUROPEANS AND THE TAINO. According to “The Mona Chronicle: the archeology of early religious encounter in the New World,” an article published in Antiquity, new evidence has been found regarding the interactions […]