April 20, 2021

Donald Sterling loses preliminary ruling; Clippers sale on?

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By Josh Peter, USA TODAY Sports LOS ANGELES — Shelly Sterling – and the Los Angeles Clippers – scored a clean sweep over Donald Sterling on Monday when a California judge issued a preliminary ruling that paves the way for the $2 billion sale of the team. Judge Michael Levanas handed down an “oral tentative […]

Sterling qualities missing, but no problem

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By Les Slater From Caribbean Life Donald Sterling has come to dominate the national space in a way that should be quite vexing to any of us who hold certain values dear. Ever since Sterling’s “girlfriend,” or in whatever capacity that young woman served, spilled the beans about his racist core, news of one kind […]

Racist New Hampshire Police Commissioner not sorry for calling Obama the N word in public

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By Joe Coscarelli From New York Magazine A small-town elected official was in a local restaurant last month when he took an opportunity to express his opinion of the president. Robert Copeland, a member of the police commission in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, exclaimed loudly that he hated watching TV because every time he turns it […]