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The Editor Speaks: How much longer will we put up with the damning reports from Aud. Gen.?

Cayman Islands Auditor General, Alastair Swarbrick, has produced five more reports (see iNews Cayman story published January 22 2014 “Aud Gen announces five reports on Cayman governance” at: saying “our audit work found, however, that the implementation of the…

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Deputy Governor and CO’s Meetings Dec 2 & 16

Minutes Deputy Governor and Chief Officers’ Meeting 2nd December 2013 Attendees: Deputy Governor; Ms. Jennifer Ahearn; Mr. Stran Bodden; Ms. Dorine Whittaker; Mr. Alan Jones; Mrs. Mary Rodrigues; Mr. Kenneth Jefferson; Mr. Kevin McCormac; Mrs. Kathryn Dinspel- Powell; Mrs. Gloria…