June 19, 2021

Ironwood makes planning submission to Cayman Islands

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Ironwood groundbreaking is now in sight. Plans for the Arnold Palmer 27 hole championship golf course, were submitted to the Planning Department for approval today, Friday 15 April 2016. The hearing date is expected to be 25 May 2016 The 18-hole, 498 acre golf course, to be Cayman’s first championship course, will be sided by […]

Cayman Islands Crisis Centre supports UK recommendation for Domestic Violence Court

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The Board of the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre (CICC) offers its wholehearted support for Ms. Claire Wetton’s Criminal Justice Report as it pertains to the issues of domestic violence cases. In this report, Ms. Wetton correctly identifies gaps in the current system that severely impact victims of domestic violence and their rights to justice. In […]

Ironwood not asking for any concessions

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GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman, 29 April 2014: Ironwood developers congratulate the National Trust, the National Roads Authority and the Ministry of Planning for their agreement regarding the new route of the East West Arterial extension and are pleased to have been part of the consultative process. Ironwood is proposing to fund and construct the 10-mile […]