June 19, 2021

OPINION: Is the reopening of Buccament a second chance of an earner for someone?

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By Jolly Green Buccament Bay Resort failed because it was built by a man that had a dodgy background. The man, an ex-double glazing salesman, had been involved in the UK with two other companies with unconnected operations to hotels or resorts, both went bankrupt. The man was named in a property scam in Thailand. […]

Boss of celeb-backed Caribbean scheme who ‘cheated investors of £390M’ in court

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By JON AUSTIN From Daily Express UK The boss of the celebrity-backed multi-million pound Caribbean investment business Harlequin Property will not face trial until 2018. David Ames, boss of Harlequin Property, faces up to 14 weeks in court. Southwark Crown Court heard that the trial of David Ames, 65, from Wickford, Essex, is likely to […]