April 17, 2021

Cayman Islands Law Reform begins 2nd Law of Contempt Consult

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From The Cayman Islands Law Reform Commission The Law of Contempt  On 10 January, 2014, the Law Reform Commission issued a Consultation Paper in which the impact on the law of contempt by the Bill of rights and internet communications was considered. The Commission also took the opportunity to consider whether any, and if so, […]

The Editor Speaks: Law reform proposals mean “shut up”

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On 10th January 2014 the Law Reform Commission published for public comment a Consultation Paper on the law of contempt. The object of the paper, which was in response to an earlier referral by the Attorney General, was to generate debate on the extent to which the law of contempt should be reformed or codified […]

The Editor Speaks: Reporting and history

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If no one reported news there would be no history. Therefore the news should be reported fully without any incumbrance placed upon the reporting. I am extremely concerned at the proposed ‘Contempt of Court Consultation Paper’ that the Law Reform Commission (LRC) have, in their learned wisdom, sent around hoping perhaps none of us in […]