June 28, 2022

Once Upon a Time in H/wood

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Who’s Who in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: A Character Guide By Rebecca Alter From Vulture Quentin Tarantino plays fast and loose with historical revisionism like he’s a kid left alone with action figures, or a Harry/Louis slash-fic writer drowning in AO3 tags. He takes a piece of history that’s captured his imagination, creates a Mary Sue or two […]

Movies now 20 years old

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Movies turning 20 years old in 2017 that will make you feel really, really old By Carrie Wittmer From Business Insider Time flies, as movie anniversaries remind us time and time again. The 1990s are back, from street style to band reunions, but doesn’t it kind of feel like we were just living in them? […]

Sony GC’s emails leaked in ongoing hacker fallout

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By Sue Reisinger, Corporate Counsel Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. general counsel Leah Weil reportedly argued against a company policy of saving all emails and in favor of instituting a regular purge. Ironically, she made the argument in one of the many Weil emails hacked and made public by a group calling itself Guardians of the […]