April 17, 2021

Mexico’s bloody drug-related violence has surged to a new record

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By Christopher Wood From Business Insider The bloodshed related to Mexico’s decade-long fight against drugs and organized crime has surged to a new record. The 2,566 homicides victims recorded in June were a 40% increase over the same month last year, and the most recorded in a month since the Mexican government started releasing that […]

Mexico’s criminal and political worlds are shifting, and 2017 is off to the most violent start on record

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By Christopher Woody From Business Insider Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party, in one form or another, ran Mexico as a de facto one-party state from the 1930s until 2000, when Vicente Fox interrupted the PRI’s hold on the presidency. The PRI returned to Los Pinos presidential palace in 2012, with the election of President Enrique Peña […]

Killings in Mexico climbed to new highs in 2016, and the violent rhythm may only intensify

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By Christopher Woody From Business Insider Mexico recorded the deadliest year of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s four-year-old sexenio, or six-year term, in 2016. The country saw a 22% increase in homicide cases, rising from 17,034 in 2015 to 20,789 in 2016. Individual homicide cases can contain more than one victim, and data released by the […]