October 6, 2022

Roatán mother grateful after brain tumour removed in Cayman Islands surgery

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Cayman Islands (January 31, 2019) – Carolyn Flowers, a mother and grandmother from Roatán, Honduras was experiencing blinding headaches that were having a debilitating effect on her daily life. Coming seemingly out of the blue, these symptoms were cause for concern, since during her adult life she’d never before suffered from headaches or high blood pressure. […]

Red Sail Group pledges three-year sponsorship to Special Olympics Cayman Islands

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The cluster of affiliated companies continues its long sponsorship and support for the non-profit organization Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (January 29, 2018) – The Red Sail Group, a cluster of affiliated companies in Grand Cayman, has committed to a 3-year corporate sponsorship for the Special Olympics Cayman Islands (SOCI), extending its support for the organization […]