May 18, 2022

Caribbean Rum resurgence: ‘Hellish liquor’ to premium product

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By Gemma Handy From BBC Long the poison of brutish pirates and drunken sailors, rum was traditionally a cheap booze imbibed far less for its flavour than its heady effect. Today lust for the liquor has never been so potent, and it is a taste for premium brands that is leading the charge, say manufacturers […]

Forget the Caribbean: Was rum invented in India?

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By DAVID WONDRICH From Daily Beast Newly discovered evidence suggests that rum production predates the Caribbean by at least 1,000 years and may have actually started in South East Asia. When rum was invented it was already at least a thousand years old. I’d better explain. For every cultural phenomenon, be it Russian formalism, country […]

Everything you need to know about Caribbean rum

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From Real Clear Life Now that you know everything there is to know about absinthe, we figured we’d dig deeper into grandpa’s medicine cabinet—this time for that oft-used bottle of Caribbean Rum. As notes, centuries ago, after a sugar craze swept through Europe, colonies were set up in the Caribbean to produce it. One […]