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New cholesterol guidelines to reduce stroke and heart attack possibility

Healthday From Newsmax A lifelong approach to lowering cholesterol, starting in some kids as young as 2, is the United States’ best bet to lower everyone’s risk of heart attack and stroke, according to updated guidelines released Saturday by the…

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Cayman Islands athletes attend Central American and Caribbean Games

The 23rd annual Central American and Caribbean Games got underway with a captivating opening ceremony at the Estadio Metropolitan in Barranquilla, Columbia Thursday, July 19, 2018. The nearly 100,000 spectators who poured into the stadium to support the various teams…

Chinese government has ordered online news sites to stop producing original reporting

By Elian Peltier, VICE News From Business Insider It’s the latest step in a gradual crackdown on the media that has been taking place since President Xi Jinping came into power. Reuters When floods killed at least 154 people in…

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Circuit says Facebook posts were properly used as evidence

By Mark Hamblett, From New York Law Journal Introducing a rap video and images of tattoos from a defendant’s Facebook page as evidence in a drug-and-murder gang prosecution did not violate the rights of the accused, a federal appeals court…

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CI Equestrian Fed. Dress. Chal.

Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation World Dressage Challenge The word ‘dressage’ is a French term, meaning training. Very simply, dressage is the art of striving for a harmonious and hardly perceptible communication between horse and rider. When you watch the dressage…

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‘Ray of Light set to Dazzle’

January is always the time in the Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation’s calendar when the jumps are stored away for a while and members prepare to showcase their flatwork skills in a National Dressage Show. This year they have gone one…