December 6, 2023

71% of cyclists in Belfast have been involved in an accident

With over two thirds of cyclists in Belfast having been involved in an accident whilst on the roads, what can be done to improve cyclist safety? Out of the 15 cities surveyed, the capital of Northern Ireland reigned the most likely for cycling injuries.   What is the most dangerous city for cyclists in the […]

Prince William and Kate Middleton are the king and queen of draught beer

By Laura Byager From Mashable Prince William and Kate Middleton just proved that they, like many of their fellow Britons, love a good pint. Or at least they like pouring them.  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge served up two cold pints when they visited Belfast on a tour of Northern Ireland in celebration of […]

STEP announces its new Worldwide Excellence Awards for late 2018

STEP is delighted to announce a record 37 new award winners in its Worldwide Excellence Awards. First launched in 2016, the Awards run twice a year to celebrate the highest achievement in STEP qualifications globally, and the latest winners are the top achievers across STEP’s exams for the period January – July 2018. Some of […]

Cayman Islands attends The Democratic Unionist Party Conference

The Cayman Islands attended the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in Belfast this week. Cayman Islands Representative Eric Bush JP travelled to Belfast to attend the Annual Conference with Deputy Representative Charles Parchment to promote and educate MPs, MLAs of the Northern Ireland Assembly and the general public about the Cayman Islands. This is the first […]

Destinations of the week

4 places all ‘Game of Thrones’ fans need to visit By Rowan Kaiser, ‘100 Things Game of Thrones Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die’ From Business Insider Croatia_Dubrovnik_Medieval walls of Dubrovnik Old City on the Adriatic Sea Dubrovnik, Croatia provides the backdrop for most of “GoT.” Shutterstock Aside from jaw-dropping costumes, elaborate plotlines, […]

GOT fans places to visit

4 places all ‘Game of Thrones’ fans need to visit By Rowan Kaiser, Contributor From Business Insider Aside from jaw-dropping costumes , elaborate plotlines, and intriguing characters , “Game of Thrones” offers some amazing travel inspiration. To better live out your ” Game of Throne’s ” fantasies, travel to Dubrovnik, Croatia and see where the […]

Happiest cities in UK

The happiest cities in the UK revealed – and a seaside favourite takes the top spot A study asked 3,000 Brits to consider their general life satisfaction and rate how they feel on a scale of one to ten, with the average Brit giving themselves a middling 6.37 out of ten BY GRANT BAILEY From […]

Aspirin: Wonder drug for cancer prevention?

By Sylvia Booth Hubbard From Newsmax Aspirin has been a staple in American medicine cabinets for almost 120 years to fight pain. But the effective component of aspirin, salicylic acid, has been used since the ancient Egyptians who used bark from the willow tree — which contained salicylic acid — to ease aches and reduce […]