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How did the end of the world become old news?

By David Wallace-Wells From New York Mag There has been a lot of burning lately. Last week, wildfires broke out in the Arctic Circle, where temperatures reached almost 90 degrees; they are still roiling northern Sweden, 21 of them. And…

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meeco provides expertise and advise at Renewable Energy Conference in Armenia

Experts and stakeholders evaluate prospects and key trends of Armenian clean energy sector The Armenian energy sector is about to change towards a strengthening of renewable energy resources away from today’s dependence on imported fossil fuels. The Armenian government has…

The Editor Speaks: Fathers

To follow on from my Editorial the other day on “Children” I thought I would say something on Fathers. Before I could write anything the following turned up in on ‘What’s App’. It is supposedly true but may not be….

Meet Hitler-obsessed drug smuggler

Meet the cocaine-addled, Hitler-obsessed drug smuggler who tried to take down Pablo Escobar By Christopher Woody From Business Insider Pablo Escobar is remembered as the face of the Medellin cartel, the Colombian criminal organization that flooded the world with cocaine…