May 19, 2022

Aggressor Fleet adds The Cayman Aggressor V to its fleet

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By Sam Helmy From Deeper Blue According to Aggressor Liveaboards, the Cayman Islands is getting a new liveaboard, theCayman Aggressor V. The new ship will be the new Cayman flagship, replacing the Cayman Aggressor IV. The new liveaboard boasts some impressive dimensions at 120ft/~40m long and 25ft/~7.5m wide. Features of the ship include: Space for […]

Eat, sleep, dive [Cayman Islands & Wayne Hasson]

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BY JEAN GRUSS From Business Observer Florida People stare when they see Wayne Hasson drive by on the highway. After all, the Naples resident’s truck is festooned with images of sea life. The plate on his front bumper proclaims: Eat, sleep, dive. That’s exactly what you do on the Aggressor Fleet, one of 20 luxury […]