July 26, 2021

Sun Feb 28 2016

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For latest Cayman weather go to www.weather.gov.ky

Sun Feb 28 2016

Cayman Weather

Not available. See Weather Forecast TOP RIGHT of website.
See also Weather in Cayman: http://www.weatherincayman.com/

NOTE: For Wind, waves & weather forecast George Town/Grand Cayman go to:


To view the complete Weather Underground local charts go to Weather Forecast TOP RIGHT of website and click on WU banner at bottom right.
Sunshine just makes the day a little better, but it can also cause sunburns. Check the UV Report below to be prepared
Humidity: 71%    
UV: 10.8  Very High  
Temperature: Today 71°F Feels like: 8o°F  Yesterday: H 76.5°F  L 69.5°F  
Wind direction today: NE Wind speed day: 20-30 mph   
Wind direction night: ENE  Wind speed night: 15-25 mph
Barometer : 1019.00 mb   Baro Trend: Steady
Rain:   Last month – 1.37 in    This month  – 0.02 in  Season Total  – 1.39 in
 8 Rain days in January.  1 Rain day in February 17 days since rain  
Average rainfall in February: 1.7 in.  
Average temperature in February: 72°F to 84°F
Sea temperature in February: 81°F
Sun and Tides – Click image to enlarge
 Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 8.15.45 AM
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