March 24, 2023

DUMP THE DUMP: Bodden Town residents say no to Dart plan

A Bodden Town coalition will lobby against moving the George Town Landfill to Midland Acres, joining West Bay opposition to Dart Realty plans for the districts, and targeting a petition at Premier McKeeva Bush. The group, calling itself the Coalition to Keep Bodden Town Dump Free formed only last week, said member Marleine Gagnon, longtime […]

Permission granted for Dart dump

Government planners have given permission for Dart Realty to begin development of five land parcels on 561 acres in Bodden Town for a proposed waste management facility, presaging relocation of the George Town Landfill. The company will pay $2.5 million in the initial phase to develop an access road and provide water, storm-management controls, electricity […]

Shipwreck spillage leaves little trace

Environmental officials said yesterday they were waiting for the weather to clear before examining possible reef damage caused by a Thursday night boat wreck and fuel spill in the North Sound. However, 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel loosed into the water had evaporated by Sunday afternoon, leaving little trace, while marine police remained at the […]

Turtles get a taste of freedom

A crowd of excited moms, dads, boys and girls waited patiently for the 50 turtles to be released into the waters of the North Sound, and from there to the oceans of the world. The Cayman Turtle Farm’s release programme, known to biologists as ‘headstarting’, has placed many thousands of green sea turtles into the […]

Tiger sharks are coming home

Luiza and Coco, two Tiger Sharks whose movements have been monitored for several months by special satellite tagging devices, were coming home to Cayman Waters. The third shark, Tina, was last heard of off Jamaica in May, but Coco is in the deep water off Grand Cayman at present. “What is most interesting is that […]

Room to roam for Blues

The Blue Iguanas have now got double the room to roam- thanks to the purchase of a piece of privately owned land in the Salina Reserve. The sale was made possible by willing land owners and an EU grant to the National Trust which was topped up by another grant from Maples FS. They typically […]

Turning the tide on garbage

The tide is turning for flotsam on Frank Sound’s shores as residents decided to literally take matters in their own hands – filling 27 bags of garbage in one week. Tired of plastic and other debris marring the one-mile stretch of beach in front of their home, Graham and Janet Morse took it upon themselves […]

The American ‘allergy’ to global warming: Why?

NEW YORK (AP) — Tucked between treatises on algae and prehistoric turquoise beads, the study on page 460 of a long-ago issue of the U.S. journal Science drew little attention. “I don’t think there were any newspaper articles about it or anything like that,” the author recalls. But the headline on the 1975 report was […]

Foster’s Food Fair IGA introduces another “green” initiative

Foster’s Food Fair IGA is pleased to announce the recent recycling initiative to send cardboard bales to a company in Miami called Miami Waste Paper. Every week a container of about 40 bales weighing anywhere from 600-1100 pounds is sent to this Miami based company. Companies such as Miami Waste Paper, collect large volumes of […]

Baby Iguanas boom in San Diego Zoo

Over the past week there has been a baby boom for the highly endangered species of the blue iguana in the San Diego Zoo, Two breeding females and their mates remain in the zoo in case the population in Cayman takes a downward turn despite the precautions taken by the Government to protect them. Director […]