December 5, 2021

Jamaica’s Independence celebrations kick off

The festivity is on, food is on sale, the music and craft have their representation at the 49th year of Jamaican Independence celebration. The streets of George Town have been ignited with Jamaican Folklore. Stalls along Cargil Avenue, displayed the Jamaican Culture for all to see and be part of. From Jamaica’s national dish, of […]


The rescued boat crew has finally arrived home. After nine days lost at sea followed by a dramatic rescue by a passing oil tanker – and then caught up in US immigration red tape – Travis Welcome and his crew are back in Cayman. And what a welcome they got. Friends and family of the […]

Wear Yuh Colours on Jamaican Independence Day!

“A people without knowledge of there past history, origin, are like a tree without roots” – Marcus Garvey Jamaica gained their independence from the British colonial rule forty-nine years ago, on August 6th in 1962 after 307 years of British rule. However even with their independence Jamaica still remains a member of Commonwealth of Nations. […]

PUBLIC HELPS: with search for Kerran

An aggressive search of the heavily vegetated and uneven terrains in Savannah, adjacent to Pedro St. James, was launched just after five pm on Tuesday by a public search party. The mission to find missing doctor’s assistant, Kerran Natalie Baker, was organised by Caymanian Businessman, Mr. Woodward “Woody” DaCosta, and involved close to 100 concerned […]

Former beauty queen returns to Cayman with exciting kids stories

After a period of extensive travel, Cayman Brac native, Rabia Abdul Akim has returned to Cayman to share her worldly experiences through her new books. The intrigue of foreign cultures has inspired the Caymanian writer, former beauty queen, tae kwon do champion, businesswoman and mother of six to write The Kaa Kaa & Tokyo series […]

Are Jamaicans still proud of their independence?

Prima facie, independence boasts an attractive menu for political profiling, but is it practical? Pundits employ the Jamaican example to measure the benefits and likelihood of a successful Caymanian independence, without much success. Although miniscule, opinions that Jamaica would be much better off, had it not been for their independence, are intermittently expressed. Prior to […]

Further wait for crew of stricken vessel

The crew who were miraculously rescued at sea when their boat sank still face an anxious wait before they can be reunited with their families. Miss Janice got into difficulties five hours after setting off from Cayman, heading to Honduras. And after the boat sank, the six-man crew drifted on life rafts for nine days […]

Sanchez back in the dock

Three men appeared in court yesterday, charged variously with assault and firearms offences, one of whom, Jose Sanchez, was acquitted just last week in the March 2010 West Bay murder of Alrick Peddie. In a hearing before Chief Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale, Mr Sanchez 24, was charged with possession of an imitation firearm, while brothers Robert […]

Residents get a steal at police auction

Imagine picking up two commercial boat engines in good working condition (with gas bottles) for under $25 or a mountain bike for only $5. Well, to get a bargain like that, you should have been at the police auction. The piercing Saturday (30) morning sun was no deterrent to the determined bargain hunters. People were […]

“I believe the children are our future”- says Whitney

A teenager is on the verge of accomplishing the greatest dream of her life – and she thinks so many young Caymanians can follow in her footsteps. Whitney General is about to embark on a life-changing journey to study medicine in the United Kingdom. And after winning three prestigious awards at the Cayman Prep and […]