July 18, 2019

LATEST UPDATES: Public Access to Events During Royal Visit to Cayman Islands


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The above image info supersedes anything shown below. Please note that the venue for pool opening has been updated, as has the category

The Governor’s Office and the Government are pleased to announce that members of the public will be able to attend the following events during the visit to the of Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall. 

Access at or near the events below for the public has been arranged in specific areas, as described.  Members of the public are urged to be in place by the times indicated; otherwise they may miss Their Royal Highnesses. Parking in the immediate vicinity of many of these events will not be available; however, allowed areas for parking will be noted in the full traffic and road advisory which will be published by the RCIPS on Monday, 25 March.

Day 1:  Wednesday, 27 March

Arrival of Their Royal Highnesses; Opening of ORIA Terminal Building

An Opening Ceremony for the new Airport Terminal Building will take place immediately following the arrival of Their Royal Highnesses.  Standing areas for the public will be clearly marked immediately outside of the terminal building.  The public is recommended to arrive early and aim to be in place by 3:00 P.M.

Public parking will be available in the empty lot on Cico Ave near the ORIA terminal. Please enter from North Sound Rd in the direction of George Town Yacht Club on Barcadere Dr /David Foster Dr. Complimentary shuttle service will be available from the public parking area to the ORIA terminal. The ORIA short-term parking lot will be closed from the evening of Monday, 25 March to facilitate the event.

Day 2: Thursday, 28 March

His Royal Highness Visits the , Then Returns to

Her Royal Highness Visit Locations on Grand Cayman

HRH the Prince of Wales Programme – Cayman Brac, Little Cayman & Grand Cayman

Opening of New Recreational Swimming Pool, Cayman Brac 

The public should arrive at the Cayman Brac Sports Complex on Coastal Way in Stake Bay before 11:00 A.M.There will be no parking in the immediate vicinity.

Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI), Little Cayman

Residents of Little Cayman will be able to greet The Prince of Wales on arrival and departure from CCMI. Please be in place outside CCMI, located on North Coast Road, at 12:30 P.M. There will be no parking in the immediate vicinity of CCMI.

Clifton Hunter High School (CHHS)

Children and parents should contact the school to confirm arrangements. There will be no parking in the immediate vicinity of CHHS.

Pedro St. James Castle

Public access to the reception at Pedro St James is available by dedicated shuttle bus service only. There will be no parking in the immediate vicinity of the event. The shuttle bus service will run continuously from the five locations specified below from 3:30 p.m. until 5:20 p.m. The public is invited to park in one of the remote parking lots of the provided locations, and then take the complimentary transportation to Pedro St James. Members of the public are asked to be in place at the event before 5:30 P.M. Between 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. there will be no public access to Pedro St James. Following the reception, shuttle bus service will resume to the five pick-up locations.

Remote Parking Locations:

·         Savannah Primary School

·         Savannah Seventh Day Adventist Church

·         Savannah United Church

·         Savannah Church of God

·         Savannah Post Office

HRH the Duchess of Cornwall Programme – Grand Cayman

Opening Ceremony of Jasmine Villa

A public area will be made available outside the villa, which is located behind Coconut Joe’s off of West Bay Road.  Please be in place by 10:00 A.M.  There will be no parking available at the villa or in the immediate vicinity.

George Town Primary School

Children and parents should contact the school to confirm arrangements. There will be no parking at the school or in the immediate vicinity.

In regards to the upcoming visit, Governor Martyn Roper, said: “The visit of the Heir to The Throne is an important and special moment, and we welcome the public’s participation at these events.  Many opportunities have been built into the programme for the public to come out and greet Their Royal Highnesses, and I know that they look forward to seeing the people of the Cayman Islands. I hope that as many people as possible can take part.

I encourage you all to please arrive early and to rideshare as much as possible with family and friends to avoid unnecessary road and parking congestion. I hope that everyone has an enjoyable and memorable day.”

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