April 25, 2019

Cayman Islands Opposition pledges support to Education Council on announced actions


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In pledging his support for the actions disclosed (August 9) by the Chairman of the Education Council for the improvement of the delivery of educational services, the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Ezzard Miller, has announced plans for a Private Member Motion for injection of funds for rapid implementation of the most urgent actions.

Mr. Miller said that the Opposition would also be moving to form a teachers’ association.

In endorsing today’s announcements by Education Council Chair Dan Scott, Mr. Miller said the Opposition was pleased that some of the long-standing needs were being addressed: “The Opposition endorses and supports the Chairman’s bold assertion that it is now time to act, and look forward to some of these positive measures being put in place for the start of the new school year in September 2018 by the Chairman, Ministry of Education, and Education Council.”

Mr. Miller said that the Private Member Motion to be brought at the upcoming meeting of the Legislative Assembly would be asking the Government to increase funding in the 2018/19 budget by diverting funds from the surplus for the period January to June, 2018.

On the proposal to form a teachers’ association, Mr. Miller said: “In our discussions with teachers we found that salary is an on-going concern of teachers. However, equally and often more important was the need for the recognition of their contribution, and an opportunity to have input in, and influence on, Government’s decision making on educational matters.”

Mr. Miller said that a teachers’ association would address this need for greater teacher participation:

“The Opposition is therefore actively considering the formation of a teachers’ association to provide these opportunities for teachers.”

Referencing some of the specific proposals by the Education Council Chair, Mr. Miller said the Opposition was in particular support of the following:

Increase in teachers’ salaries to a minimum $5,000 per month

Increased delegation of authority and responsibility for the administration of individual schools to principals and teachers

Revamping of schools’ curricula. In particular, Mr. Miller said that the Opposition supports greater inclusion of emphasis on civics, Cayman history technical and vocational education, and student deportment.

Driving up the expectations for enhanced performance from among students and teachers. Mr. Miller added that the Opposition advocates adding parents to this group.

The reinstatement of A-Levels at both Grand Cayman government high schools.

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