June 25, 2018

Cayman Islands: From The Progressives 2017 Manifesto Part 3


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Delivering on our promises – four years of accomplishment by The Progressives Government 2013 ~ 2017


Over the last four years we have: Restored economic growth

Supported private sector investment projects to create jobs and further grow the economy

Secured the future of our industry with the new legislation it needs to remain competitive

Boosted Caymanian entrepreneurship by reducing fees for small businesses and improving the support available to start and grow local businesses

Upgraded the Charles Kirkconnell Airport to international airport status

Supported the tourism industry which has grown visitor numbers for stay over and cruise tourism

Invested in our roads, airports, and cruise and cargo ports


Over the last four years we have:

Secured jobs for 2,000 more Caymanians than were in work in 2012

Reduced unemployment among Caymanians from the record levels 4 years ago

Supported Caymanians who were finding it hard to get into work to find jobs through the Ready2Work Programme

Supported skills development in both established and emerging economic sectors

Established scholarships for specialist doctors

’s first school of nursing

Introduced Cayman’s Hospitality School of Studies

mplemented the

Begun the work needed to improve the education of our young people with an independent professional review of public schools

Re-established the public schools’ inspectorate to drive improvements in standards

Implemented an Education Plan of Action to improve education outcomes and accountability

Reviewed the Labour Law and published a consultation version of the Labour Relations Bill

Invested in an Integrated Waste Management solution to protect the environment whilst also providing new jobs


Over the last four years we have:

Directly cut household bills by reducing the duty rate on diesel for CUC

Helped to keep down prices in the shops by reducing import duty to licensed traders from 22% to 20%

Enabled people to go on earning for longer to support their families by increasing retirement age to 65 years

Protected consumers by helping lower price of fuel through regulation of fuel providers

Recognised the value of our public servants with a 4% salary increase (restoring the 3.2% taken from them in 2010) following bonus payments of 2.5% in June 2014 and 2.2% in June 2016 to reflect their achievement of strict government financial targets

Introduced a National Minimum Wage which has directly benefitted an estimated 1,500 Caymanians


Over the last four years we have:

Acted to help protect our children through the establishment of a multi-agency safeguarding hub and a new Child Abuse Policy

Enhanced the rights of people with disabilities in our communities with the enactment of the Disabilities (Solomon Webster) Law

Fairer electoral system with the creation of single member electoral districts and one person one vote

Established Cayman’s first Older Persons Policy which will empower older people, secure them better access to housing and health services and help protect them from financial and physical abuse

Improved the prospects of former prisoners and helped to prevent them returning to crime by modernising laws dealing with spent convictions and rehabilitation of offenders


Over the last four years we have:

Successfully delivered on the commitment we made to restore Government’s finances:

We have constrained government expenditure, enabling us to restore surpluses

Delivered a Government surplus over four years totalling $414M and restored General Reserves by $53M to $97M which means we are much better placed to deal with any future economic shock or national emergency

Reduced Government debt by $123M and set aside some $15M for future debt repayment

Ended Government’s reliance on overdrafts

Achieved compliance with the key public finance targets that has freed Cayman from detailed oversight of its budget

Saved $6.2M by re-negotiating lower interest rates on Gov’t loans

Begun the implementation of Project Future, our five-year programme of public sector reform which is driving public sector efficiency and improving services for customers

Modernised Government’s system of procurement so that we save money on the things government needs to buy to carry out its responsibilities

Reinstated proper management of the landfill including new equipment


Over the last four years we have:

Stood up for our Financial Services industry in the UK and on the world stage to help secure its prosperous future

Re-established public access to beaches on all 3 Islands and secured property next to Smith’s Barcadere to ensure future public uses

Enacted National Conservation Law which protects our vulnerable flora and fauna, conserving land and wildlife to be enjoyed by future generations

Ensured that Cayman benefits from development by improving the Dart/NRA Agreement to remove sharing of tourism

tax and with Dart agreeing to increase their development plans, including road construction

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