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Cayman Islands Temporary Work Permit applications

From the Cayman Islands Department of Immigration

The Department of Immigration wishes to remind the general public of the following requirements relative to the submission of Temporary Work Permit (TWP) applications and Temporary Work Permit Extension (TWE) applications:

· A TWP may be granted for up to 180 days,

· TWP applications should be submitted in a reasonable timeframe prior to the arrival of the prospective worker to the Islands,

· Travel and employment plans should be contingent on obtaining authorisation,

· TWP applications are generally processed within 7 to 10 working days,

· If an urgent decision is required on a TWP, then the relevant express fee must be paid and a decision is communicated within 48 hours after submission,

· The Chief Immigration Officer may exercise his discretion to accept a TWP application where the prospective worker is already in the Islands and where, in his opinion, there exist extenuating circumstances. An applicant wishing to request the Chief Immigration Officer to exercise this discretion must provide a written detailed justification for the request,

· Accommodation and Health Insurance/Pension forms are required to be completed with all TWP and TWE applications,

· Applications for a TWE must be submitted on or before the expiration of the current TWP,

· Late submission of a TWE will result in the worker having to cease work immediately and await the outcome of the application,

· If a TWP application is refused, an appeal can be lodged within 7 days of the notification. Alternatively, a new TWP or Work Permit Grant application may be submitted with relevant fees paid,

· Applicants whose first language is not English will be subject to the English Language Test as a condition of approval for a TWP,

· Original signatures are required on all applications along with original documentation – police records/medicals,

· Addresses, including email addresses, should be clearly written and complete,

· Incomplete or illegible information may delay the processing of the application.




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