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All I want is a good night’s sleep

How did you sleep last night? I slept well but I used to suffer insomnia very badly. Here’s how I cured my problem and I know there are many of you that might find this article helpful.

My idea of a great night’s sleep is when you sleep soundly and wake fully refreshed and full of energy. You usually fall asleep within 10 minutes of your head hitting the pillow (with positive thoughts in your mind).

Also, a key factor in determining if you had a great night’s sleep is if you dream ‘positive’ or ‘fun’ dreams. Because if your night full of ‘bad’ or ‘stressful’ dreams then you’re most certainly tossing and turning throughout the night and NOT getting a “restful” sleep.

It is very important to get quality sleep each night because your body and mind break down and get worn out from stress during the day. The only time that your body and your mind repair themselves and rejuvenate is when you’re sleeping.

Don’t try to catch up on your sleep. People tell me all the time that they know that they don’t get enough sleep during the week – but they “catch up” on the weekends. That does not work!!! Your body and your mind need a regular sleeping pattern to repair and rejuvenate – without it you’re actually deteriorating yourself rather than re-energizing yourself.

Everyone should strive to get 8 hours of restful sleep. However, some people who exercise and eat healthy foods daily may only need 6 hours. However, if you experience extraordinary amounts of stress each day (mental or physical), then you’ll need more than 8 hours.

This is what I do to get a good night’s sleep.

1. I write a list of what I need to do the next day, and I keep that paper and pen near my bedside in case I think of anything else I need to do. When you write things down you’re giving your brain the signal that it no longer needs to think about those tasks.

2. I don’t watch television or listen to the radio (especially the news) before retiring for the night.

3. I read some inspirational or self-growth material for at least 30 minutes prior to bed. I often play soothing soft background music as well. Your goal is to fill your mind with inspirational thoughts before falling asleep so that the last thoughts you have before drifting off are uplifting thoughts.

4. I make sure my bedroom is as dark a room as possible – the body is made to sleep when it’s dark out – the darker the room the more potential for a deep sleep.

5. I make the room as silent as possible turning off all electric devices.

6. I don’t eat for at least 3 hours before going to bed. When there’s undigested food in the stomach, your body is forced to focus on digesting that food rather than being focused on repairing your body and mind – which is what sleep is all about!

7. I try to go to bed at approximately 10:00 pm and awake at approximately 6:00 am. In Ayurvedic medicine it’s believed that there are cycles that are the most conducive for certain activities. Going to bed at 10pm and arising at 6am appears to allow the body to rest the deepest, rejuvenate the most, and give the person the most energy throughout the day.

8. I don’t take drugs or vitamins/herbs that are supposed to help you sleep (unless required by your physician). Most of these artificial sleeping aids do nothing more than deaden your senses – the goal of ‘sleep’ is to give your body the time and means to repair itself and prepare for the coming day. When you drug yourself to sleep, every system in your body is slowed down, including all those systems that are responsible for repairing you.

9. I make sure that there’s a fresh air supply in the room. The air indoors is said to be some of the most toxic air around. When you sleep, you’re only able to breath in the air that surrounds you in your enclosed bedroom. Try opening a window a crack even if you use air conditioning. Fresh air is better than air conditioned air.

10. During the day, I do 60 minutes of mild exercise. If you don’t have time to do 60 minutes in a row, then break it up into 2 – 30 minute sessions, or 3 – 20 minute session, or 6 – 10 minute sessions — just get a full 60 minutes in. The best exercise when talking about general health and preparing your body for a great night’s sleep is walking.

If it works for me it can work for you.


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