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On Joan’s 77th Birthday  lOth Sept ‘11

Seventy-seven and not out is a pretty good  score

If I were  playing  cricket  I would  certainly want more

But I consider myself lucky to have reached  this age

Giving me more time to write another page

I have such fond memories of my past

Memories sweet  memories I certainly hope  will last

For some people  these  memories cannot be found

Memories of friends and loved  ones’ all around

Like falling  in a well or out of a tree

Swimming and diving  was fantastic for me

With no sign of fear whilst  climbing a tree

No fear or thought of what might  be

Cycling and sailing made  no difference at all

Riding  a horse  or a bicycle a fall was a fall We licked our bruises and applied  iodine

In 2 or 3 days our injuries were fine

There  weren’t many  doctors around  in those days

So we looked  for a cure in the old fashion ways

We bathed  in cold water day after  day

Dipped  from wells or cisterns that was our way

Buck toes were popular way back then

But that didn’t stop us from skipping along  again

Our  parents  were strict no doubt about that

So we had to obey their instructions no matter what

Games like marbles, hopscotch, we all played  so much

Kept us very close  and always in touch

And dancing – oh how  I loved to dance  and still do

Live music in our Town Hall was provided  by just a few

We nearly all played  guitars  way back in those days

Entertaining ourselves in so many  ways

Sitting on our porches each and every  night?

We’d  sing like nightingales all in flight

Can  you imagine playing  hide and seek in the nights

We had more laughs not to mention the frights

By the time we found eqch other we were all out of breath

Talk of duppies all around  frightened us all to death

Today I’m the publisher of iNews Cayman

Could anything be ever more grand?

Me a humble Caymanian mother and housewife

Just doing what comes naturally all my life.


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