December 7, 2023

US: DEA revokes license of large distributor of opioids

Dreamstime From Newsmax The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration stripped one of the nation’s largest drug distributors of its license to sell highly addictive painkillers Friday after determining it failed to flag thousands of suspicious orders at the height of the opioid crisis. The action against Morris & Dickson Co. that threatens to put it out […]

Marijuana industry could revolutionise Caribbean economies

By Josh Surtees From NEWSDAY TT In March, police in Grande Riviere discovered seven fields containing 17,000 fully mature marijuana trees with a street value of $17 million. The crop was burned in an “eradication exercise.” Reports like these are now commonplace. Harder drugs are also routinely destroyed. This newspaper used an editorial earlier this […]

Mexican cartels

Here’s how Mexican cartels actually operate in the United States By Christopher Woody From Business Insider The Trump administration has zeroed in on the threat of drugs and crime. But the relationship between transnational drug traffickers and gangs in the US is complex and varied. Policies that don’t account for those relationships are likely to […]

4 out of 5 people who had cash seized by the Drug Enforcement Administration weren’t charged with a crime

By Veronika Bondarenko From Business Insider The vast majority of people who have had cash seized by the Drug Enforcement Agency weren’t convicted of doing anything wrong. In a report released on March 29, the Department of Justice’s Inspector General found that, since 2007, the DEA seized $3.2 billion in cash from people who weren’t […]

Meet Hitler-obsessed drug smuggler

Meet the cocaine-addled, Hitler-obsessed drug smuggler who tried to take down Pablo Escobar By Christopher Woody From Business Insider Pablo Escobar is remembered as the face of the Medellin cartel, the Colombian criminal organization that flooded the world with cocaine in the 1980s. But for all his deeds and bluster, Escobar was just one member […]

Cayman Alternative Investment Summit announces final speakers

The Cayman Alternative Investment Summit has announced its final special guest speakers for the 2017 event: former DEA agents and the inspiration behind the popular Netflix show Narcos, Stephen Murphy and Javier Pena. The pair will end the Summit on Friday 17 February with a keynote address entitled ‘The Hunt For Pablo.’ Javier Pena and […]

The US DEA wants your help to catch these “Bad Caribbean Hombres”

From NAN News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Nov. 16, 2016: More than a dozen criminal men born in the Caribbean, or as the US President-elect would term them, “bad hombres,” are being sought by the U.S. DEA, News Americas Now has found. he 18 added in the last 30 days are mostly from Puerto […]

Peter Binose: Mount Coke, or a Mountain of Cocaine, Ask Ralph?

By Peter Binose Mount Coke as most Vincentians know is on the hill adjacent to Argyle, with its lovely little Church, now short of a few worshippers after the government pulled their houses down and stole their land to build the airport. I wrote a series of articles regarding smuggling cocaine through the new Argyle […]

$24 million cash stuffed in buckets recovered at suspected pot dealer’s home

By David Ovalle The Miami Herald From Raw Story MIAMI — Miami-Dade police detectives raiding the home of a suspected marijuana trafficker unearthed at least $24 million in cash — all in bundles of $100 bills in heat-sealed bags stuffed in dozens of orange 5-gallon Home Depot-brand buckets. Authorities are still counting the money, most of […]

Veteran loses custody of children for using medical marijuana

By Cody Fenwick From Care 2 Petitions Tens of thousands of Care2 petitioners have signed a petition asking Kansas officials to return a veteran’s children who were taken away by Child Protective Service. This case is particularly heartbreaking, and reveals many flaws in our legal treatment of medical marijuana. The case concerns Raymond Schwab, a […]