September 22, 2020

Youth Sunday at Savannah United Church


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by Colleen McGaw

Sunday, 20 May was Youth Sunday at Savannah United Church.  The morning began for the children with Sunday School and breakfast, followed by worship celebration in the Church.

The service was led by Delano Callender on behalf of the youth. Following a selection of “Praise Songs”, a Prayer of Adoration and Confession was given by Alyssa-Lee Aaron.  The children’s choir then performed “My Life is in Your Hands”.

The scripture reading was done by Mickael Thomas and then a lovely solo of “Hosanna” was sung by Abigail Ebanks.

The message “Being Submissive” was delivered by Mrs. Wendy Quinland, reminding both children and parents that they must honour each other and God and understand that rules and discipline are necessary.

The children did an excellent job of conducting the service.




A reminder not to miss the following events:

Friday, 25 May, there will be a Youth Concert at Savannah United Church, including various Youth Groups and guest Children’s Group from Jamaica.  The first segment from 6:00pm to 7:15pm is for younger children and the second segment will be from 7:30pm to 9:00pm for teens.

Sunday, 27 May, is Cayman Convocation 2012 which will be held at Mary Miller Memorial Hall in Red Bay at 10:00am.  There will be a combined choir. The theme is “Re-vibration of Chords”.  Rt. Rev. Oliver Daley, Moderator, will preach.

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