October 23, 2020

Your country is begging Don’t take that boy’s life


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How did it feel to take his life

To rob his Children

His Mother, his Wife


To kill a part of all who cared

To rob the memories

They would have shared


How will you feel

Tomorrow or next

When the veil is removed

And you’re not so vex


How will you cope

With what you have done

Your mother was begging

Don’t carry a gun


Once a friend

Now a foe

What’s it about

You don’t even know


How did you get here

Can you turn back

Your Country is begging

It’s a call not to act


It’s your call not to take

Another Boy’s life

To make orphans of children

And break hearts for life


It’s time for you

To kneel down and pray

Ask God to forgive you

And start to repay


Can’t take back the bullet

That stole that Boy’s life

But you can save another

By sparring his life


Actin’ rough on the outside

Known to carry a gun

One killin’ another

Each was Somebody’s Son


Can’t tell me you don’t feel it

I’ll never believe

You could do this so easy

No sense, just like breeze


How will you answer

For what you have done

For your violent behavior

For pullin’ that gun


Can’t tell me your mind’s eye

Don’t replay that night

That you took God’s purpose

When you took that Boy’s life


It is what He has promised

To all of His flock

That we all have a purpose

Believe that or not


So kneel down and pray

And use your free will

God gave you a purpose

“Thou Shall Not Kill”


Your Country is begging

Don’t carry that gun

Put an end to the violence

Don’t be the next one


Please kneel down and pray

And change your life

Ask God for forgiveness

Don’t take that Boy’s life




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