June 14, 2021

Young white men are the most derided group in Britain

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Young white men are the most derided group in Britain and people expect them to get drunk, sleep around, be lazy and rude according to shock new poll

Young white men most expected to get drunk, be rude and not work hard

They and young Caribbean males are joint most likely group to take drugs

Most praised demographic was white woman in 60s and white man in 60s

Young, white men are the most derided group in Britain, according to a vast series of polls into the public’s attitudes to each other.

British people expect young white men to get drunk, not work hard, be rude and to have several sexual partners.

They are also deemed to be the most likely British residents – alongside young black Caribbean men – to take drugs.

The YouGov poll asked people for their views on different groups of 48 differing groups – including ages, genders and ethnicities – and were asked to score them on specific positive and negative criteria.

These included how likely they are to be honest, to be intelligent, to work hard and to help others.

White men were seen as the worst ethnic, gender or age group on five negative traits and the second worst on five positive traits. The next least praised group was the black Caribbean male in his 20s.

YouGov’s Peter Kellner said: ‘The lousy reputation of young white men is one of the most striking things to emerge from our surveys.

‘When we look at individual characteristics, white men in their 20s have the worst reputation, out of all 48 groups, for drunkenness, sleeping around, hard work and politeness.

‘They also have the joint worst score, with young black Caribbean men, for a belief that they are prone to drug-taking.’

The most praised demographic was the white woman in her 60s, closely followed by a white man in his 60s.

YouGov found that gender played a huge role. The most derided groups were mainly men, with the notable exception of a white woman in her 20s.

Similarly, the most praised groups were mainly women – with the exception of a Jewish man in his 60s.

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Older, white men and women scored highest overall in the survey while young white men and women fared the worse

48 different polls were carried out to examine the public’s attitudes to 48 different groups. They were asked to assess how likely they were to possess each of five positive qualities, such as intelligence and honesty, and five negative qualities, such as violence and drunkenness

Those surveyed thought young Polish men were more likely to be polite and to help others – and far more likely to work hard

For more on this story go to http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3360857/Young-white-men-derided-group-Britain-people-expect-drunk-sleep-lazy-rude-according-shock-new-poll.html#ixzz3uV9qCZtr


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