December 7, 2023

Young People Too Secular In Their Views

By Orantes Moore from Jamaica Gleaner


Aspiring young gospel singer Erwin Bishop is worried that people, particularly the younger generation, are becoming more secular in their views and less interested in faith and religion.

To address the problem, the St Mary-based entertainer, who is a member of the True Missionary Church in Lucky Hill, tries to focus on creating music with a positive message.

Speaking earlier this week, Bishop told Family and Religion: “In 2017, I think the biggest religious issue we are facing is that there isn’t as much zeal for God as there once was. Being a Christian is not as fashionable as it was at one time.

“So, nowadays, people are listening to a lot of different secular artistes who seem to fill their minds with instructions telling them what to do. As a Christian, I see it as my responsibility to try and counteract that and show and remind young people about the Godly path that has always been there.

“It is difficult and some people will become discouraged and disheartened, but I would just advise them to read their Bible at least four times a day, and try to mediate on what they read. Fast and pray, it’s the old fashioned way, but there’s no new way to walk this road.”

Bishop released his latest song, Awesome God, earlier this week, and dreams of touring the Caribbean to promote his unique brand of dancehall and soca-style gospel music.

Naturally, the 26-year-old singer, composer, and producer cites Psalm 98, which includes the line “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord” as his favourite scripture, and plans to release a fourth song later this year through his own True Militants production house.

He said: “I’ve been associated with the Christian church all my life and I’ve been making music for the past eight years. I Iearned about music studying at Guy’s Hill High School where they taught me the basics, and I eventually got a two for CXC music.


“Last year, I released my first professional recordings, The Sinners Call, and Give Him Honour, and Awesome God came out a few days ago. That song is very creative and spiritual. It has a Caribbean feel, a calypso soca-like beat, and talks about God’s power.

“The inspiration for that came easily, and it’s a song I really want to push as far as possible, maybe even tour the Caribbean because it calls the names of a lot of countries in the introduction, and those are the places I’d most like to go.

“Looking forward, I know it’s not as fashionable to be a Christian, but I deal with that by being stiff-headed, in the sense that no matter what position I find myself in, even if I have made a mistake, I’m still saying God. I’m not going to be derailed. All I have to do is pick myself up, stay focused, and keep going for God.”

IMAGE: Orantes Moore Gospel entertainer Erwin Bishop.

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