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Yello Media, CPL sweep Caribbean cricket into the digital age

The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) and the Yello Media are set to take cricket in the Caribbean into the digital age. Yello Media, a digital and print advertiser, signed a new three year partnership designed to create community support, commerce, and engagement through  cricket, a CPL media release said.

Through its newly launched mobile app and online platforms,  Yello Media will provide match fixtures and profiles on players.  Yello  will also launch an online campaign to give fans an opportunity to win match tickets and special prizes in Yello’s participating markets  – Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana, St. Lucia and Trinidad & Tobago.

Its Director of Marketing Tshani Jaja welcomed the initiative stating in the release, “Cricket plays such an important role in Caribbean history and culture. The CPL has in recent years driven a resurgence in the sport and has successfully engaged a wide subsection of support from all age groups, including young people. With this partnership Yello Media Group is able to introduce a more modern and digital take on a tradition that has been ongoing for generations”.

Meanwhile, CPL Commercial Director Jamie Stewart added, “Fans can expect some fun activities both online and offline, with the opportunity to win tickets, merchandise and unique experiences as the CPL gets closer.”


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