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World Sleep Day

Brianna Auray

Sleep Health Content Specialist

From Mattress Clarity

With World Sleep Day approaching on March 17th, people will be looking to learn more about sleep and how to improve it. While looking into trending sleep topics and terms, we were curious about the impact of events, like the pandemic and an increase in work-from-home positions, on the world’s interest in sleep health. We have compiled a list of these commonly searched sleep-related terms for your reference:

A few interesting trends we found in our research, which you can view in the animated chart included in the article: 

  • Search volume for “Jet lag” was 84,925 in February 2020, just before the outbreak of COVID-19. This then decreased rapidly to 47,002 in April 2020, following the start of the pandemic. 
  • Search for “melatonin” and “insomnia” is closely related and tends to peak in January. “Insomnia” MSV peaked in April 2020 following the start of the coronavirus pandemic. “Sleep deprivation” also reached its highest monthly search volume of 84,716 in April 2020.  

I’ve attached a visual of these trends for your reference and hope our sleep terms glossary can be helpful for a story ahead of World Sleep Day next week.

Mattress Clarity works to educate our audience on sleep health and hygiene. Our goal is to share information and medically-reviewed articles with a variety of audiences to help everyone get their best night’s rest.


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