July 1, 2022

World Cup presents opportunity for Qatar to protect workers

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By Miriam Karmali,

Law & policy
Will Qatar protect its migrant workers before the World Cup?
Ahead of the World Cup, pressure has been building on Qatar to address human rights abuses reported by low-paid migrant workers in the country. Though Qatar has introduced a host of legal reforms to improve migrant workers’ conditions, the reality on the ground tells another story. Read more…
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Human trafficking
UN Libya mission to investigate reports of mass graves
The UN’s Independent Fact-Finding Mission on Libya is seeking to verify harrowing reports of mass graves containing the bodies of migrants at one of Libya’s trafficking hubs. Conditions in Libya are notoriously perilous for migrants and people seeking asylum attempting to pass through the country with many ending up enslaved, trafficked or murdered. We are urgently calling on the E.U. to stop funding these horrors in Libya. Read more… 
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Supply chain
Solar energy, modern slavery and the fair transition
A new report on the solar industry and forced labor warns that increased demand for solar energy could worsen conditions for workers and drive forced labor. Around 40% of the world’s supply of polysilicon is found in China’s Uyghur Region where widespread and systematic forced labor are reportedly commonplace. Read more… 
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Listening to child workers to understand child labor
Ukrainian seasonal farmworkers at risk of exploitation
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Miriam Karmali
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