December 5, 2021

World Bank group promotes ‘Crowdfunding for Caribbean Entrepreneurs’

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Crowdfunding-for-ProgressBy Natasha Maynard From MyVueNews

( – For the first time, there will be a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) on Crowdfunding for Caribbean Entrepreneurs who desire to raise capital in order for their businesses to progress.

According to a key course collaborator, the Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice of the World Bank Group, the eight-week long online course is being funded by the Government of Canada under its Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean (EPIC).

The online course aims to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and training in order to organize their own crowdfunding campaigns and source well-needed funds to test the market demand for their products or services across 14 participating member states of the Caribbean Community.

Information from the World Bank group course promoters states, “The Crowdfunding Massive Online Open Course for Caribbean Entrepreneurs will assist entrepreneurs to increase their knowledge about the potential of crowdfunding and how to build a crowdfunding campaign, through online training and targeted coaching.

Crowdfunding is basically the practice of funding a project venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.
By using crowdfunding, Caribbean entrepreneurs should be able to test their ideas faster, identify potential customers, gain access to wider networks, attract a larger pool of investors, access a larger pool of investment options, build online presence and brand, get comfortable with using technology to access capital and markets, become more credible and accountable, as a CEO raising funding online, accelerate economic growth in SME market, and build innovation capacity.

Applications can be made online at The deadline for submission of applications is 21st August, 2016.

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