July 24, 2021

World Bank Blue Economy Tourism Survey

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Take the survey by Friday, November 13th for a chance to win EC$300!

Tuesday, November 10, 2020 — The COVID-19 pandemic has affected tourism in every country of the world, and whilst visitors are beginning to travel again, there are still many challenges ahead before things return to normal. The extent of the impact of COVID-19 will depend on the ability of OECS countries to respond and recover from the crisis.

The World Bank and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), recognising that Tourism is the main pillar of economic growth in the OECS, contributing significantly to GDP and jobs, have commissioned a regional study that includes a review of tourism in four countries in the OECS: St Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia, Grenada, and the Commonwealth of Dominica.

In particular, the study will look into policies and infrastructure related to marine and coastal tourism, in order to identify how to develop the sector in a sustainable way in a post-COVID world.

Blue economy tourism activities are tourism activities that promote the sustainable use of ocean resources. The COVID-19 pause to tourism activities provides an opportunity to re-focus and plan for more sustainable blue economy tourism activities in the future.

The study is designed to identify policy gaps, organisational reforms, and capacity needs at national and regional levels within the OECS to improve competitiveness of the blue economy and strengthen the marine and coastal assets on which it depends.

The final focus of the tourism study will be the development of a Blue Economy Tourism Priority Actions List that will feed into a broader World Bank Blue Economy in the Eastern Caribbean initiative. 

The survey targets a wide range of businesses in the four OECS Member States to garner information that will create an enabling environment in which the private sector can thrive – not just today, but also in the future. 

As a thank you, we are offering a cash prize of EC$ 300 to one lucky winner in each country that we will draw out of a hat on the closing date of Friday 13 November, 2020.

Businesses completing the survey that are interested in the findings will also be eligible to receive a summary of the survey results.

Please see the links to the individual country surveys below:

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