January 17, 2020

The Editor speaks: I am disgusted


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Colin Wilson

I am angry and disgusted at one of our media websites and other social media outlets.

Yesterday a young man was knocked down off his bicycle by a hit and run driver. He was left for dead on North Church Street around 5am.

Despite the police asking these sites NOT to publish the name of the victim and/or take it down if they had published it, they ignored the plea.

Exactly what did they get out of publishing these details?

Even worse they published pictures of the victim!

The anguish the friends and family of the victim they must have suffered can only be experienced. I hope all those responsible for this disgusting use of the media will never have to feel this pain. Maybe they might learn something from it if they did. Probably not.

I have been a member of the media now for twenty-seven years and watched it deteriorate into the gutter. Slowly at first, then dog eat dog and now ignoring pleas by authorities because of the hurt they are causing.

I am ashamed at you. And I’m older and uglier than any of you! I am not, nor ever will be, part of your club.

Thank God there are still some of us here who obey the rules and know what and when to publish.

PS. In accordance with the RCIPS we have now updated our posting with the name of the victim.

We send our condolences to the victim’s family and friends.

God be with you.


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