December 16, 2019

Eustachi’s anatomical engravings

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From Designer Daily Artist and sculptor John T. Unger is familiar with great art projects. His most famous feature is probably his lighting bowl sculpture art, but he has been working on mosaic pieces for quite a while now. One of his most recent projects is the “Anatomy set in Stone” series. A collection of […]

Bathroom tiles repurposed

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Bathroom tiles repurposed in a creative way From Designer Daily Innovation and creativity come straight out of our brains, not from huge budgets or financial conditions. Actually, a constraint can even force designers and other creatives to innovate in order to produce good work. This bathroom redesign for a restaurant in Lithuania is a perfect […]

Typographic inspiration

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From Designer Daily To relax a little on the week-end, lay back and check out a little typographic inspiration. If you like typography, make sure to check our Typography Daily blog at: Font of the week: Pilcrow Pilcrow is a Latin-script sans serif family. Its design is simple and utilitarian, similar to forms found […]