December 6, 2019

Apple and Google agree to dismiss all direct legal action between themselves

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By Alex Wilhelm from Techcrunch Late today, Apple and Google announced that they have agreed to dismiss direct lawsuits aimed at one another, and will work together to help push patent reform forward. It’s a huge change for the two companies, which compete on everything from music sales, to productivity tools, to cloud storage, to […]

The Mac was originally going to just be a word processor

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By Kyle Russell From Business Insider As the Mac turns 30, we thought it would be fun to look back at its history to wonder, “What might have been?” Wired’s Steven Levy recently appended the complete transcript of a “lost” interview he had with Steve Jobs just before the release of the original Macintosh to […]

Celebrating 30 years of Apple

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Celebrating 30 years of Apple – their 1st employees By Jim Edwards   From Business Insider “These pictures of Apple’s first employees are absolutely wonderful” PHOTO: Apple Inc. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak working in their garage. The year was 1977. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had barely moved out of the Jobs’ family garage to […]