November 11, 2019

Caribbean Architectural Heritage: identity, reality and future opportunities

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PRESS RELEASE – Are our old buildings relevant to present generations? Is there any real benefit to keeping them? These and other topics will form the basis for discussion when the Saint Lucia National Trust stages its 3rd annual Trust Pioneers Lecture on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 from 5:45 p.m. at the Palm Haven Hotel […]

St Lucia: Jazz on a high

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JAZZ ON A HIGH NOTE FOR CLAUDIA EDWARD AND THE BAND NAKED CHORDS!! Claudia Edward and Naked Chords at Jazz on The Grill 2016 As the St.Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival Season winds down Claudia Edward and her band Naked Chords are still high on the buzz from their multiple performances! Their first performance kicked […]

Women’s Caribbean Motorcycle Club Makes Debut on International Female Ride Day

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From Motoress Recently there has been a shift in the Caribbean island of St Lucia and the St. Lucian biker culture. Women are taking up motorcycle riding in record numbers. Now women are no longer interested in being just the pillion (passenger) but the actual rider. This new found love by women in St. Lucia […]