November 16, 2019

Gorgeous 30-day timelapse

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Gorgeous 30-day timelapse captures what it’s like to be out at sea BY XAVIER PIEDRA From Mashable The ocean is equally as beautiful as it is terrifying. This couldn’t have been captured anymore perfectly than in this timelapse video by YouTuber JeffHK. In the video, JeffHK documents his 30 day journey from the Red Sea […]

Humanoid robot diver

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Stanford’s humanoid robot diver explores its first shipwreck By Andrew Dalton From engadget Behold: the dawn of the merbot. A group of underwater archaeologists exploring the sunken remains of King Louis XIV’s flagship La Lune added a very special member to their dive team recently. OceanOne, a Stanford-developed humanoid diving robot with “human vision, haptic […]

World Champion underwater photographer

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Cayman resident is World Champion underwater photographer From The Daily Mail UK The greatest underwater photographs from around the world: Winning entries selected from thousands of amazing aquatic images From the wreck of a Japanese warplane to grinning great white sharks, these are just some of the thousands of entries in the largest underwater photography […]