November 15, 2019

The Caribbean must think carefully about how and where to ‘build back better’ after the hurricanes of 2017

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“Building back better” to create more resilient societies is a laudable goal, but every country is different and there are no quick fixes. By taking into account topographical differences, reforming building codes, and reviving ecosystems, the Caribbean can take a significant step in the right direction, write Emily Wilkinson and Rachael Steller (Overseas Development Institute). In Dominica, 80 per cent of […]

Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) demonstrated simultaneously on two continents

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From Caribbean broadcasting Union This year’s annual General Assembly of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union will be hosted by the Indonesian public broadcaster, RRI, in Bali. DRM will feature not only in the meetings of the specialised committees but also concretely with a live medium wave transmission on 20-24 October from one of the RRI MW […]