November 21, 2019

Green America: “Skip the Slip” report finds only 3 major retailers get “A” score for receipt practices

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Rise in Consumption of Paper Receipts: 3/4 of Companies offer BPA and BPS Coated Paper Receipts; Green America Report Highlights Some Improvements. WASHINGTON, D.C.—June 25, 2019—Only three retailers – Best Buy, Apple and Ben & Jerry’s – get top marks in how they deal with electronic and paper receipts, according to a Green America report providing […]

Study suggests BPA-free plastics are just as harmful to health

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Posted by BeauHD from the contrary-to-popular-belief dept From Slashdot An anonymous reader quotes a report from Gizmodo: Plastic products that boast of being “BPA-free” aren’t necessarily any safer for us, suggests a new mouse study published Thursday in Current Biology. The chemicals used to replace BPA in these plastics can still leak out and affect […]

8 things companies have said that sounded like April Fool’s jokes but sadly weren’t

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By Chris Morran From Consumerist In spite of the National Pork Council’s best legal efforts, one can still buy canned unicorn meat from For the calendar-challenged, we’ll point out that today is April 1, meaning the Internet is full of phony products, fake stories, doctored photos… so, you know, it’s like most days on […]