November 19, 2019

Who is the celebrity you dislike the most and why? Answer – Justin Bieber

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By Alvaro Burgos III, From Quora IT’S CLEAR THAT childhood fame takes its toll on every young star. However, sometimes it gets to the point where it’s necessary to step back and realize that it is not an excuse for consistently being racist and misogynistic while regularly breaking the law and facing no consequences. There’s […]

Investigators are using AI to find who betrayed Anne Frank

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By Saqib Shah From engadget The “ultimate cold case” could be cracked by an algorithm. In August of 1944, Anne Frank and her family were captured by the Gestapo after spending a gruelling two years hidden in a secret annex within their apartment. The prolific diarist’s work would posthumously bring her fame and recognition the […]

Caribbean literature, Jewishness, and global holocaust memory

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By SARAH PHILLIPS CASTEE From AAIHS At the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, visitors can read responses to the museum from around the world. By pressing on a touch screen that displays a map of the globe, museum visitors access comments such as those of Nisha (age 41) from Trinidad and Tobago, who wrote on […]